The Young Women Auxiliary

The Young Women’s Auxiliary also known as the”Y’s” (pronounced wise), is an auxiliary, of the Women’s Ministries. The Y’s was introduced into the North Kaneshie Assembly in 1992 by Mrs Susanna Mahama and Mrs Cecilia Kuwornu. The Y’s programs are designed to meet the needs of girls and single women between the age of 15 – 25 years), Y’s bridge the gap between Missionettes (5 – 15years) and the Joy Fellowship (25 years and above). Their current membership is 70.


The objectives of the Y’s are to train and encourage physical, social and spiritual development, to educate the members on good moral principles; to have self-respect, self confidence and become responsible women, wives, mothers, good citizens of Ghana, God-fearing and virtuous ladies.


Y’s meet weekly on Sundays between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.


During the annual Women’s Ministries Week, the Y’s participate in street witnessing, giving out gospel tracts and taking part in singing before audiences of up to 2000 people. The Y’s have organized seminars and held discussions on various topics e.g. “The Christian’s Conduct”. Seminars on issues concerning dress codes and dressing for different occasions are organized and are normally climaxed with fashion shows. Other seminars have involved practical demonstrations on good cooking and home management when attendees sample tasty dishes.

Assisted by Advisors and the Executives the Y’s have helped to produce young ladies who excel in their professions as accountants, nurses, teachers and sole proprietors etc. A distinguishing feature of Y’s is the “Bridal Shower”. This is a special ceremony held in honour and appreciation of any Y’s member one week before their wedding regardless of whether or not the grooms are from the North Kaneshie Assemblies of God.

The Y’s have organized inland excursions to have fun amidst learning.