The Missionettes

In the year 1978 the Missionettes group of the North Kaneshie Assemblies of God Church was formed with a membership of 10 girls; membership currently stands at 350. The Missionettes comprises three (3) groups-:

  1. The Daisies group; ages 5-10 years
  2. The Primes group; age10-13 years;
  3. The Juniors & Seniors group; age 13-15 years.


The aims of the Missionettes are;

  1. To teach the girls Bible-based guidelines for Christian living.
  2. To organize talks on family life and education, teenage pregnancy and life skills such as cooking and needlework.
  3. To challenge the girls to develop their talents and relationship with God through Bible studies
  4. To help the girls develop Christian relationships and participate in excursions, visitations and evangelism.