Joy Fellowship

‘Together We Reach Out’. The JOY (Jesus Others & You) Fellowship is one of the auxiliaries under the Women’s Ministry. It began in the1980’s and caters for career/working women from age 25 years and upwards.

The aims and objectives of the JOY Fellowship are to minister to unbelievers and spiritually hungry ladies regardless of denominational boundaries. In view of this, the JOY Fellowship meetings are normally held outside of the Church premises at places such as hotels, social centers etc so that young ladies doing full time work can attend.

The JOY Fellowship is occupied in activities within the Church and the local community. They visit the sick (regardless of their beliefs or denominations) in their homes and in hospitals. The JOY Fellowship is currently working towards a one day ‘Health Day’ event in which qualified Medical Practitioners will carry out sponsored health examinations such as checks for diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension; health problems specific to children such as head lice. Talks will be arranged to address health issues such as Breast Cancer, Prostrate cancer and other diseases.

The current JOY Fellowship executives are Mrs Florence Downuona (President) Mrs Mary Mawunyega (Vice President), Miss Agnes Riberio and Mrs Comfort Adjetey.

God bless you.