Sunday School

The Sunday School Department was established in the same year the North Kaneshie Assemblies of God was founded. This is in consonance with the Assemblies of God tradition that Sunday School is an inseparable part of the Sunday Church Service. Initial membership was about 40 which was the total membership of the Church. This consisted mainly of children. The class division was as follows:
Children 2 Classes
Adult/Youth (English) 1 Class
Adult/Youth (Twi) 1 Class

The main objective of the Sunday School is to teach the members to be well established and rooted in the Word of God, so that they will not be swayed by any false doctrine. It is also to serve as a source of encouragement for the members to study and have effective fellowship with one another. As the members get to know the Word of God, and are well established and rooted in it, they then develop the desire to reach out to the lost and perishing. Another objective of the Sunday School is, therefore, to serve as a medium of evangelism


The Sunday School has achieved a lot since its establishment. These achievements are too many to be enumerated here, but there are some outstanding ones that cannot be overlooked. 68% of the Pastors that the church has produced have been Sunday School Teachers. Infact, a greater percentage of the “New Generation” of Pastors in the Assemblies of God have come from the North Kaneshie Assembly God. These include the late General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Rev. W. W. Dontoh, National Sunday School Director, Rev. Ralph Adjaho, and the current Principal of Southern Ghana Bible College Rev. Frederick K. Kyereko, current General Treasurer, Rev. Ato Bentil, just to mention but a few. The numerical as well as the spiritual growth of the Local Church is partly due to the evangelistic work of the Sunday School Department among the community. The Sunday School has grown numerically to the extent that there are now a total of 22 classes, made up of:
Adult/ (English) 4 Classes
Adult /Youth (Twi) 4 Classes
ADult/Youth (Ga) 1 Class
Adult/Youth (Ewe) 1 Class
Youth (English) 8 Classes
Children (English/Twi) 4 Classes