NKAG Media

The Audio-Visual department is one of the young units in the church. The development of technology and its consistent application in our daily lives has made it necessary for its use in the church as well.


The goal of the unit is to evangelize and propagate the gospel through visual and audio means.


The activities of the department include

Audio recording

Video coverage

Capturing of still pictures and


The works of the unit has indeed improved service and worship in the church. For instance the projection of lyrics during song ministrations makes visitors and even members participate fully and enjoy the service much better. Also during large congregation services, members seated outside the auditorium are able to partake much better in the sermons as a result of video projection made available to them on giant screens and television sets mounted outside. Members are able to purchase video and audio CDs for personal use and even as gifts.


It is the desire of the unit to have greater impact on society through evangelism, hence the aspiration of hosting big outdoor audio-visual evangelism programmes in the near future. The division also seeks to acquire much better and sophisticated equipment that will provide an output of greater quality in the near future.