Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir was formed in 1994 with twenty (20) members, comprising two prominent singing groups, the CA Choir and the Voices in Glorious Praise.

The choir is currently made up of 120 singers and 15 Instrumentalists – the Tema Band (who are dedicated young Christian men who play the keyboard, guitars, drums, saxophone and trumpets). The Choir is currently led by Sister Vera Akoto, assisted by Brother Carlos Dordzi.


The aims of the Sanctuary Choir are;

To spread the Gospel through music and song ministrations, comfort the broken-hearted, revive depressed spirits, and win souls for the Lord.

To organize musical events and perform with high profile professional artists.

To identify, recruit and train members showing potentials as skillful singers and musicians.


The Sanctuary Choir were successful in winning singing competitions on 2 separate occasions when they competed against 50 strong singing groups within the Assemblies of God churches and other denominational churches in Accra.

The choir participated in many local and national church programs. Their profile was further raised when they appeared on Ghana National Television (GTV).

The Sanctuary Choir produced a number of notable musicians, instrumentalists and personalities who have become professionals and produced their own record labels. These artists perform in their own concerts and appear on radio and television, amongst them are Diana Akiwumi, Esther Otoo and Edmund Otoo, song writer, composer and arranger; Brother Larry, Chief, Brother Martin Onumah.

Rev Dr Harry Insaidoo (Senior Pastor) has on several occasions financially supported, encouraged and permitted the launch of maiden records and individual singing careers at North Kaneshie, encouraging members to support various artists.

The Sanctuary Choir members support and encourage each other in times of difficulties. All-night prayer meetings and retreats are organized to encourage spiritual growth, sports activities such as soccer and athletics are also held to encourage physically fitness.