Music Ministry

The Sanctuary Choir was formed in the early part of 1994, from a union of two strong singing groups the CA Choir and the Voice in Glorious Praise. These two groups were well managed by Brother Martin Onumah from 1990 until they were merged.

The union became necessary as the number of members in each group declined. Also, it was to eradicate competition between the two groups which promoted individualism rather than unity.

The foundation members of the Sanctuary Choir include Brother Tamattey, Emmanuel Ayivi and Albert Sakwa. The choir is in two parts: the instrumentalists and the singers. The former is made up of the Tama Band which comprises obedient and God-fearing youngsters. The choir started with about twenty (20) members in 1994. Presently, the Sanctuary Choir is led by Brother Charles Anaman as the choir director and is being assisted by Brother Emmanuel Akuffo.


The aims and objectives of the choir are to spread the Gospel through song ministration, to win more souls for the Lord, to comfort the broken-hearted, to revive depressed spirits, and to trainup-and-coming musicians.


The Sanctuary Choir has recorded encouraging achievements since it was formed. In the first place, it has twice won competitions organized for all singing groups in Assemblies of God churches in Accra. It has also raised some notable music personalities such as Diana Akiwmi, Esther Otoo and Edmund Otoo. The latter is a song writer, composer and arranger. Brother Larry, Chief and Brother Martin Onumah are some of the professional instrumentalists that have been with the choir at one time or the other. Some members of the church have testified that the song ministration of the Sanctuary Choir have inspired them to be regular and punctual at church services. The choir has featured in various church and national programmes. They have also had the opportunity of being featured on the nation’s television (GTV). It is interesting to note that apart from retreats and all-nights organized to revive members of the choir spiritually, games like soccer and athletics are held to keep the members physically fit. Me mbers also assist and encourage one another in times of difficulty.


Currently, the Music department is being managed by a choir director and a music board comprising of eight (8) strong members with varied experience with the senior pastor as an ex-officio member.

Subsidiaries of Women’s Ministry are:
The Sanctuary Choir, The Voice of Grace, The Children’s Choir, The Praise & Worship Team and The Peace Singing Band