Men’s Ministry

The Assemblies of God, North Kaneshie Men’s Ministry was started in the 1970s with 15 members. Its Auxiliaries includes the Children’s Church and the Royal Rangers.

Membership currently stands at 85 and is opened to all male members of the church from age 25 years and above.

1. To organise the ‘100 Men Programme’, to evangelise, recruit and add at least 100 men to the Men’s Ministry.
2. To organise and carry out the Radio Ministry project, essential to the advancement of the church
3. To organize seminars dealing with the men’s spiritual, physical, emotional, economic and social welfare.

The Men’s Ministry have donated manual labour, building materials, IT and musical equipments to the Church; In March 2006 the Men’s Ministries were given public recognition in the local and national paper for their donation of 40 bicycles for Mission work in the villages and a further 20 bicycles for Assemblies of God Home Mission.

Subsidiaries of Men’s Ministry are: The Royal Rangers & Path Finders