Couples’ Fellowship

The couples’ fellowship came into existence when the Senior Pastor saw the need for a fellowship to be organized for only couples to interact, share experience and have moments that they can really have nice times together as couples. The fellowship got started in 1995 by a group of dedicated couples who were tasked with the job of implementing the concept. It was an overwhelming idea to the couples in the church and it prospered in its aims and objectives until now. The fellowship has varied programs including educative programs, sports, entertainment and many others.

The Executive Committee

The couples’ fellowship has its affairs run by a competent executive committee officers who are respectably married, endowed with wisdom and integrity and well abide in Christ.

Aims and Objectives
The fellowship was started with the following aims and objectives:
To have a fellowship for all couples in the church
To create a good environment for couples to discuss issues pertaining to married couples.
To visit couples in their homes especially new couples to encourage one another
To hold seminars and retreats for couples eminent to their family lives.
The Outcome
The fellowship have had productive outcome in various forms. Below are some of the results from the fellowship’s programs:
The fellowship has held several retreats and beach resorts which helped in tress release.
The fellowship has also been successful in organizing its yearly family life program which is very educating and entertaining.
Members have testified about the transformation the educative programs have brought to their lives as families. These have helped in releasing tension in the marriage and in the home as a whole.

The couples visiting their colleague couples in their homes have gone a long way to show the love and concern of the church to its members.