Bethel Family

Motto: “we care to serve by evangelizing, nurturing, discipling and send to contact and relate to everyone”

In the late 1997, the executive presbytery of the Assemblies of God Ghana, led Rev. Dr Harry Insaidoo who was then the Assistant General Superintendent travelled to Singapore and discovered the concept of the carecell. The church learned this concept from the Rev. Dr. Naomi Dowdy, Trinity Christians Center, Singapore as a secret to church growth. The team from Trinity Christian Center visited Ghana particularly the Church and the carecell concept was educated to the leadership (pastors and shepherds) and it took off in the very early part of 1998. It started with three carecells and soared up to 42 home centers within two months.

He instituted the carecell with the aim of fostering lives and winning souls for Christ. A carecell is a biblical community that is healing, releasing and transforming lives. The carecell therefore involves relationships which develop during and outside the cell meeting. The carecell is the church scattered in community, serving God by evangelizing, nurturing and discipling their community. Today we have various home centers where cell groups meet.

The senior pastor, Rev. Anthony John Doeh is the pastor in charge of the carecell. We have the following forming the leadership configuration of the carecell: senior pastor, associate pastors and shepherds. These leaders all have their respective roles they play in enhancing the growth of the carecell in the community.

Target Group:
The goal of the carecell is to proliferate itself within the community. So the target groups that form the membership of the carecell:

Purpose of the BETHEL FAMILY (Carecell)
Basically the purposes of our carecell are the fundamental principles upon which the early church was established. The purpose of the carecell is otherwise known as the E.N.D in the carecell.

Evangelism –we show by way of relationship and declare the love of God to the unconverted so that they will repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.
Nurture –this is to enhance better relationship of the believer in their everyday life. This enhancement is intended to develop their relationship with God; their relationship with other Christians; their relationship with the local church; and also their relationship with the community.
Development –this is aimed at developing the person to be, do and think like Christ, which ought to lead to productive Christian life and ministry. Results Our carecell meetings have produced remarkable results since its inception. The carecell has been successful in achieving its aims and objectives.

Below are some of the achievements the carecell has brought:
The church have had many new converts through the carecell activities.
Our church owes about 48% of its members to the Bethel family’s work in evangelizing.
Besides that, the carecell has been successful in nurturing the church members their inter-personal relationship in the likeness of Christ.
Indeed the light of Christ has been reflected in the community through the carecell. Church members live exemplary lives to the community.
It has also raised leaders and boost up the member’s boldness in taking the gospel to the unconverted. Most of our members are now passionate about soul winning ever since the concept was inculcated into them.

We invite you to our Bethel Family meetings this and every Friday at 6:30pm in the various carecell centers. You will love it. You will enjoy it! Come and be blessed. You can call or contact us for direction to a Bethel Family center.